Antles Pollen’s premier product, Vericet Gold, provides true-to-type high-viability pollen and vital nutrition where and when you need it to enhance fruit and nut set in commercially grown crops.

Vericet Gold is the most potent form of controlled pollination available. It is a crop-specific composition of live pollen and bioactive nutritional components designed to enhance the plant’s ability to set and hold a crop.

Gold improves the accuracy and rate of pollen tube growth, the receptivity of the receiving flower and overcomes low temperature effects on pollen tube growth.

Each batch of Vericet Gold is custom-blended using pollen carefully selected for cross-compatibility with the orchard or field being treated.

Field trials using Vericet Gold have shown increases in fruit/nut set ranging from 19 percent to more than 40 percent in sweet cherry, pear apple, kiwifruit and almond crops.