What makes Antles Pollen different?

Since 1929, Antles Pollen has been a pioneer in the pollination enhancement field.

Unlike standard “anther-grade pollen,” we separate our pollen so there is no anther sac or other extraneous material. That way you know you’re getting the purest, most effective pollen you can buy.

In addition, the carrier we add, called Vericet, is a bio-active, nutritional material.

Vericet delivers a carefully crafted blend of plant constituents, metabolic accelerators, balanced minerals and other factors that facilitate rapid and accurate pollen tube growth. It also enhances the receptivity of the awaiting ovules in the ovary. Together, these set the stage for ideal pollination and fertilization that results in superior fruit/nut set.

Vericet also stimulates honeybee activity in the orchard. This increase in bee traffic means more flowers will be visited by bees, resulting in greater transfer of pollen and Vericet to those flowers that are ready for pollination and fertilization. This is how superior crops are set.

Antles Pollen provides 24/7 customer service support for all our products. Answers to your questions are just a phone call away.