leo antles

Leo Antles

Our company was founded in 1929 by pollination enhancements pioneer Leo Antles. Since then, Antles Pollen has led the way in developing and refining controlled pollination in tree-fruit, nut and seed crops.

Antles Pollen provides growers of tree-fruit and nut crops with an ever-expanding body of knowledge, products, services and technology to improve pollination and fertilization.

Antles Pollen has facilities in the growing regions of Wenatchee and Yakima, Washington and Modesto, California. We serve growers of apples, almonds, cherries, pears, kiwifruit, pistachios and other crops with pollination enhancement solutions and our patented Vericet brand nutritional programs to set and hold crops.

We work hand-in-hand with you when you use our products to maximize your fruit/nut set and to stay on top of breakthroughs in controlled pollination technology.


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